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Requires an RSVP By 3-25-14

3 Gun  Classifications and 3 Gun Match

Dragon Man's Colorado Springs Co

Sat. March 29th 2014

@ 9am to 1:30 (+ -)

Round count- 100 rounds min each. You can always take ammo home, but you cant go home to get more ammo...

Questions,, contact us


 3 Gun Match

Set for  Dec. 21st 2013 (depending on weather.)

This match is an R.S.V.P. only. You must email or I.M. on Facebook to participate.

Please like us on Facebook for recent updates...



3 Gun Match coming up on Aug. 11th at Rivers Edge.
"4 Great Stages"
You can choose to shoot individual stages.

$25 Entry Fee

$10 side match fee. $5 goes into the 'Pot' for 1st,2nd,3rd.

*Stage 1,
Speed Handgun, 5 steel targets Shoot 4 strings keep best 2 times.(20 rounds)

**Stage 2, Tactical Shotgun/Handgun, 20 shot shells, 5 slugs,24 rds. of handgun.

***Stage 3, Close Combat Handgun "or" Rifle... 24rds

****Stage 4, Side Match, Rifle Only. Out to 200 yards. 15rds.

Round count is per stage, ran 1 time... with no misses...

Please RSVP either through facebook, at or under "contact us" on this site.  Match over



 *Tactical Shotgun Match $25

River's Edge Shooting Sports / Shooting Range

July 28, 2013 Sunday 9 am sign in, shooters meeting at 9:30 shooting at 10 We hope to see you there!

Contact Paul at for more info or to RSVP to insure your spot.   Match over



*Pistol Match  $25                            

River's Edge Shooting Sports / Shooting Range

July 14, 2013 Sunday 9am sign in,  shooters meeting at 9:30 , shooting at 10     Match over


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