About Us

 Our 2nd year as a recognized Match Holder 

 of 3 Gun


                Speed Handgun

                        Long distance shooting and more!


"Safe, Friendly and Fun" Environment 

Beginner's to Advanced Shooters

If you are a "SAFE", responsible shooter, then you are welcome to come. 


                     Match Events                                                          Training

3 Gun

Tactical Handgun / Shotgun / Rifle                       Basic Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun Training

Handgun / Speed Handgun                                 Basic Tactical Training

Long Distance Shooting from 200-1000 yards          Certified Instructors for Concealed Carry

Contact us for basic training, before you go into a match/event.

We will teach you the basics of 3 gun match shooting;

 Instructions     Rules     Proper Techniques  

We will start off with  SAFETY terminology of the range officer,  SAFE handling methods of loading / reloading your firearm under time, mag changes - Emergency / Tactical, recognition of the courses and techniques of how to cut your time and beat the clock.    Right / Left hand shooting scenarios and more!!! 

Other training available at a low cost.

Your responsible to bring your own firearms, ammo, eye/ear protection, food/drink and any other items you may need.

Contact us now!


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